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The 100-Year Penny was a coin issued thousands of years before 1965 by the ancient monarch Prince Petra.


After Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck's interference with ancient history aboard the B.C. Buggy caused the conflict between Petras and Salamander City not to have resulted in the early annihilation of Petras by Salamander City, Prince Petra of Petras issued at least one 100-Year Penny to commemorate the occasion. This priceless silver coin found its way to the Duckburg Museum of Ancient Stuff by 1965, replacing the Battle of Petras Penny which had ceased to exist alongside the Battle itself. Though the Museum's Penny was the only one of its kind to have been found by modern archeologists, it is not impossible that many more identical Pennies had been created at the time.

Behind the scenes

The 100-Year Penny appears at the end of the 1965 comic story Battle of Petras.