13th Hour, also known as Awaken the Swinging Wake, was a live show based on The Haunted Mansion, part of its 50th anniversary celebrations — more specifically, its opening. Performed in the Rivers of America ride, it combined projection of newly-created animation onto the building itself with live elements on stage. It featured the Ghost Host, Madame Leota, Horace the Caretaker, the Demon Hand and several other, nameless ghosts from the Haunted Mansion.


The anniversary of Haunted Mansion's opening to the public is nigh. After the Mansion's demonic Grandfather Clock manifests, huge and impossible, in the starless sky, and rings thirteen times, the Horace, wanders through the fog, warning the watching crowd that supernatural horrors are a foot tonight, on a scale poor old Horace hasn't witnessed since the Mansion first opened fifty years ago! He is soon proven right as Madame Leota and the Ghost Host summon all 999 Happy Haunts to open the festivities, with Leota even materializing in full human form and performing her own version of the Mansion's anthem with a backup chorus of spooks…



Behind the scenesEdit

13th Hour was a special event performed only once, in 2019. Among the various video captures of it, three were posted by Laughing Place, WDW News Today and DAPS MAGIC.

As is often the case with Disneyland live performances, no cast or crew is credited; the Ghost Host is unmistakably voiced by Corey Burton, but the voices of Leota and Horace are at present unknown to the Wiki, as are the names of any of the performers, directors and special-effect artists.

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