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The 2017 Continuum is a common moniker for a Parallel Universe to the Prime Universe, featured primarily in the DuckTales 2017 series. It is also sometimes known as the Disney Afternooniverse.


Although it echoes the history of the Earth of the Prime Universe, the 2017 Continuum's Earth has a markedly different history with no single point of departure to distinguish the two histories; most notably, although its Scrooge McDuck was also born in 1867, its versions of Donald Duck and Della Duck were only in their 30's in the late 2010's, when Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck (who, in this universe, have three distinct personalities) first encountered their great-uncle Scrooge.

Outer space in the 2017 Continuum is also markedly different: the Moon is home to a proud but secretive civilization of Moonlanders who, under the leadership of the paranoid General Lunaris, launched an invasion of Duckburg in 2019, and further away, there exists the Yonder Galaxy, home to wanderers and villains innumerable.

List of Inhabitants

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Behind the scenes

Although later established to have also been the universe in which Wander Over Yonder took place if its relationship with the classic Disney universe really must be defined, the 2017 Continuum was for most intents and purposes defined by DuckTales 2017.


The term of 2017 Continuum, or simply "2017 continuity", is a fan-generated one which gained traction during the first season of DuckTales 2017 in 2017, seemingly first surfacing on October the 15th, 2017 on The Feathery Society. The non-Disney-licensed story Marksmanship-522 and the Multi-Dimensional Race, published in 2019, featured the first in-universe mention of the term (although of course, authorial intent or otherwise, the story did not have the necessary licences to make it explicit that the universe thusly referred to was the world of DuckTales 2017).

A competing term was later introduced by the Twitter corner of fandom, spurred on by the addition of rebooted characters from more and more Disney Afternoon shows to the cast of DuckTales 2017: that of Disney Afternooniverse. First coined by Jacob Young on the 20th of April, 2018, though it only gained widespread traction in 2019, the term appears to have been reinvented by several independent parties ([1], [2], [3]). In late February of 2020, Tanner Johnson borrowed the term in a tweet concerning the possibility of other Disney Afternoon reboots set in this same continuity. The website DuckTalks also began employing the term ([4]), though in a loose sense which seems to also include new media set in the Prime Universe.