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Vital Statistics
Type Car
Era Transitional or Post-War Era?
Civilization American
Estimated Price  ???
Magical? No

313 is the vehicle of choice of Donald Duck, which he uses to travel from place to place during his daily life.


Donald built the 313 by himself by putting a 1920 Mixwell engine into a 1922 Dudge body on 1923 Paclac axles, with the wheels of a lawnmower attached. It’s the only car that he has ever owned. Donald pays extra each year to keep the ‘313’ license number. According to him, his car’s long life hinges on that number.

From time to time, Donald maintains his car, by dismantling the body, checking for rust spots, overhauling the engine and fixing any parts that aren’t 100% up to snuff. By doing it all by himself, he saves a lot of money. Every single part of the 313 is built from classic car parts that have been out of production for decades. None of it is replaceable. Instead, he takes broken parts to Gyro Gearloose, who fixes them.

Donald almost lost the 313 when Jughead Jones sold every part of the 313 but the bare chassis in a yard sale that he had. Donald’s share was 11.75%. Even after buying back all of the 313’s parts that he lost during Jones’ yard sale, he missed a lot of nuts of bolts, which didn’t allow for the proper reconstruction for the car. Presumably, he had to buy new ones and rebuilt it from scratch.

After using the anti-inertia raygun on it, the 313 ended up being the first inertia-free car.


  • The "Mixwell" and "Dudge" car brands are just distortions (for copyright reasons) of the Maxwell and the Dodge ones respectively. Paclac, meanwhile, is a mix of Packard and Cadillac.
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