A Clean Sweep is a story written by an unknown author and drawn by Tony Strobl. It features Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and, in his debut, Charlie.

Description Edit

Daisy's old friend from school, an air corps pilot named Charlie, has come to visit, and Donald begins to feel like a third wheel - especially so after Daisy and Charlie suddenly get engaged. But Donald suspects that Charlie isn't as great as Daisy seems to think - and he aims to prove it.


  • Daisy went to school with Charlie, who once told her that he was madly in love with her.
  • Charlie is a jet pilot in the air corps, and has been transferred to the Duckburg Air Base.
  • Charlie's jet is number "00".
  • Daisy does Donald's laundry for him.
  • Charlie claims to have once broken the sound barrier.

Behind the scenes Edit

A Clean Sweep was first published in 1964 in Donald Duck #93. It was later reprinted in English in Donald Duck #227 and in Walt Disney's Comics Digest #7.

Charlie is said to be in the air corps, an anachronism if one assumes that the story takes place in the year it was published, as the United States Air Corps was disbanded in 1947. It is possible that Charlie is in fact a member of the Air Force, the successor to the earlier organization.

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