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A Date With Daisy is a 2005 comic story written by Carol and Pat McGreal and drawn by Tito Santanach Hernandez.[1] It features Donald and Daisy Duck.


Fed up with Donald Duck lolling around, standing her up, being broke, and forgetting thier dates, Daisy decides to take drastic measures into her own hands by pretending to have a new and more better like admire. The plan seems to work until Donald finds out. When it was time for a ball the duck couple intended, Daisy believes her idea worked but Donald reveals he's only returning the tickets he got for them both for the ball and decided to loll around as usual and watch fights on his tv. Believing her plan to have backfired, Daisy starts to crying, revealing Donald is the only man she truly ever loved and thinks she's lost him for good.

It turns out, however, to be a plan that Donald made to get back at Daisy after he found out. When he came back in to reveal Daisy the truth to have a good laugh and dance with his gal, Donald notices her dancing with another man that tried to comfort her after her heartbroken moment. In an act of fury, Donald orders him to unhand Daisy and starts a fight. Unfortunately, Donald loses as he ends up injured and placed in the hospital. But his actions at least puts Daisy back on his side and in his arms again when she realizes that Donald truly does care after all and loves him even more than she thought.


  • Daisy Duck claims that her “mysterious admirer” has invited her to the Duckburg Grand Ball.


  • Lost On Memory Lane (2011) sees Donald experiencing a psychic flashback to the events of this story.

Behind the scenes

A Date with Daisy was first published in 2005 in the Polish Kaczor Donald #2005-21. It was printed in English in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #672.[1]

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