A Forecast For Duckburg is a webcast live-action/animated hybrid short created by broadcast meteorologist Katie Nickolaou as a tribute to DuckTales 2017, serving as a trailer of sorts to the then-about-to-be-released last stretch of Season 2. Starring Nickolaou as an in-universe version of herself, the short also briefly features Scrooge McDuck in the background of a shot, and prominently mentions Magica De Spell as well as the Moonlanders.


It's a special Duckburg weather forecast — going all the way from a sunny afternoon at McDuck Manor to a curse-induced stormy night courtesy of Magica De Spell!


  • Katie appears to have almost supernatural insight as to what is going to happen in the near future of Duckburg, most notably predicting an attack by Magica De Spell on McDuck Manor, and the events of Moonvasion (2019), in anticipation of which she bravely tries to give a forecast of what the weather will be like in space. Out-of-universe, the webcast is, of course, meant to serve as a teaser for the upcoming episodes, including Moonvasion.
  • The ending shows that DuckTales exists in-universe in the 2017 Continuum, as previously established by the official webcast Glomgold Theme Song Takeover (2019), with new episodes of it premiering on September the 3d like in real life.

Behind the scenesEdit

Released on September the 3d, 2019 on Twitter, this fanfilm was retweeted by Francisco Angones, who greatly praised it, commenting: “Katie out here trying to steal Roxanne Featherly’s spot as Duckburg’s top broadcaster. I LOVE IT.”

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