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A Greedy Kid is a comic strip written by Homer Brightman and drawn by Al Taliaferro. It features Donald Duck and Louie Duck.


Donald Duck cedes after too long of his nephew begging him for a candy bar, but it looks like he's made a really big mistake.


  • After the triplets had last been seen returning to Della's house at the end of the Donald's Nephews strip continuity (1937), Louie Duck (alongside, presumably, his brothers) is once again under Donald Duck's care.
  • This is unexplained here, and would only be given an in-universe rationalization eighty years later in the story Family Ties (2014).

Behind the scenes

This story was first printed in February of 1938 in miscellaneous American newspapers. It was later colored and reprinted in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #1, Marcia Blitz's Donald Duck #1, Donald Duck #284, and in Volume 1 of Donald Duck: The Complete Daily Newspaper Comics.

The strip did not have a title in any of its English-language printings, though in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories it was presented alongside two other strips under the collective title Just One Thing After Another (which INDUCKS mistakenly applies to this trip as a singular entity). The title chosen here, A Greedy Kid, is a straightforward translation of the title given to the story in its French printing, Un Enfant Gourmand.