NonDisney A Green Christmas in Champignac (Un Noël Sans Neige à Champignac in the original French) is a comic two-pager jointly created by Jean Léturgie and Simon Léturgie. It features Spirou, Fantasio, Pacôme de Champignac, Gustave Labarbe, Spip and Célestin Dupilon, and also mentions Harold W. Longplaying and Mrs Labarbe.


It's the 24th of December, and no snow has yet fallen in Champignac — a turn of event for which the Mayor blames the Count, as usual. But Spirou and Fantasio have an idea to make things right.

Behind the scenesEdit

This short story was created by the Léturgies in the hope of being chosen to take over the main Spirou & Fantasio series following the departure of Morvan and José Luis Munuera. Yoann & Vehlmann were chosen instead, and A Green Christmas in Champignac was put up on the Léturgies' blog for free, alongside a parody strip making fun of their own rejection.

A Green in Christmas in Champignac has not been officially translated in English anywhere, but it was scanlated on Spirou Reporter in December of 2014, two years after its release.

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