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A Hot Meeting is a comic story written by Thomas Schrøder and drawn by Marco Rota. It features Magica De Spell, Scrooge McDuck and an in-universe version of Don Rosa. Donald Duck, Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck are also present in flashback form.


Magica De Spell attempts to ambush Scrooge McDuck (and his Number One Dime) at a comics convention in Copenhagen. Scrooge turns out to be there to visit an old friend, and Magica gets more than she bargained for…


  • Scrooge McDuck is good friends with Don Rosa, one of the authors of comics based on Scrooge's life and adventures.
  • Rosa spends his retirement growing chiles.


  • Created to tie in with the real Don Rosa's presence at the Copenhagen Comics Convention (which took place on the 14th and 15th of November, 2015), the story explicitly takes place on either of those days. It is, as such, one of very few Disney Duck comics which takes place at a slightly later date than that of its first printing.
  • As Don Rosa has a copy of that very story — thereby confirmed to exist in-universe — on hand, he and Scrooge McDuck reminisce about the events of A Matter of Some Gravity (1996). A half-page of art from the story is directly reproduced, rather than redrawn.

Behind the scenes

This story was first printed on the 12th of November, 2015, in Denmark, in Anders And & Co. #2015-46.

It was initially not meant for wider release, but the interest of a Marco Rosta story where Scrooge meets Don Rosa proved too powerful for other countries to pass up on, even without the context of the Copenhagen Comic-Con. The story was eventually printed in English as a bonus story in Volume 10 of Fantagraphics's Don Rosa Library, the last story in the entire Library. On this occasion, it was localized by David Gerstein.

Due to these peculiar circumstances, the story was originally given the Denmark-specific INDUCKS code "D/DK 2015-005", only to be recategorized as a rank-and-fine Egmont story under "D 2015-226". Curiously, both codes are still active, making A Hot Meeting one of the only (if not the only) stories on INDUCKS to be documented twice under two different codes.