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A Phantom Blot Bedtime Story is a comic story written by Lee Nordling, penciled by Stephen DeStefano and inked by Gary Martin. It features the Phantom Blot, his daughter the Phantom Brat, Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Chief O'Hara and Mrs Fragmuffin.


The Phantom Blot, following his presumed death at the end of the Case of the Two-Birds Diamond, lured Mickey Mouse into a crazy, devilish and escherian room full of traps in his most elaborated death trap of all times. Of course, Mickey succeeds and the Blot is arrested… but the mastermind finally reveals his greatest secret — the existence of his young daughter. Before he takes him to jail, Mickey thus allows the Phantom to tell his daughter the news his own way, in a bedtime story where he is the Good King of the Night and Mickey is the evil White Knight.

Behind the scenes

This story was first published in January of 1991 in Mickey Mouse Adventures #8. It is a direct sequel to The Big Fall, printed in the previous issue; the two stories are so closely related that in some countries, they were printed a single two-part tale.