A Room with a View is a comic story by an unknown author and artist (who may have been one and the same). It features Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Gepetto, Gideon, Brer Rabbit, Jiminy Cricket, and Brer Frog.


Mickey has bought a new television set. Unaware that a large crowd has followed him home to watch it, he proudly shows it off to Minnie, inadvertently blocking his new audience's view.


  • This story is a remake of the story Popular Pastime (1950), which had been printed earlier in the same month in One Shots #279 in the United States.

Behind the scenes

A Room with a View was printed in Mickey Mouse Weekly #526 in 1950. To date, it has never been reprinted.

As in most issues of Mickey Mouse Weekly published at the time, the story doubles as the cover of the issue, with the main content of the story taking up the lower third of the cover and the story's splash panel taking up the remaining space.

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