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A Series of Unfortunate Substitutions is a DuckTales 2017 comic written by Joe Caramagna and drawn by Antonello Dalena, Gianfranco Florio, Manuela Razzi and Roberta Zanotta. It features the 2017 Continuum versions of Donald Duck, Dewey and Louie Duck, Scrooge McDuck, Bentina Beakley and Launchpad McQuack.


After Launchpad McQuack injures himself in a crash after trying to fill in for a star pilot at an aerial acrobatics performance, Dewey Duck is desperate to learn how to fly a plane so that he can replace him! But Donald, stressed enough as it is with his need for a new job, isn't too keen on the idea, to say the least…


Behind the scenes

A Series of Unfortunate Substitutions was the second story in IDW's DuckTales #5.

Its title is a reference to the popular book series A Series of Unfortunate Events, by Daniel Handler, which, at the time of the story's release, was in the process of being adapted into a television series by Netflix. However, the plot of the story has very little in common with Handler's novels.