A Touch of Humor is a comic story written by an unknown writer and drawn by Bob Gregory. It features Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck.


For the first time in his life, Scrooge McDuck is sick and stuck at home. As this has never happened to him before, Scrooge hasn't a clue how to while away the time now that he can't work; so he calls in Donald and Daisy to humor him until he gets back to health. His interests turn out to be rather a chore for those not fascinated by business, however.

Behind the scenesEdit

This story was only ever published in English in the 1954 Donald Duck #59. It is also notable for solidifying the idea that Scrooge has never had a conventional cold in his life, and for its unusual depiction of Scrooge's housing in the first panel — an almost bungalow-like house that is a sharp contrast to McDuck Manor.

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