A Whistle in the Dark is a 1974 comic story featuring Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Pluto, Emil Eagle, Flossie, Melissie, and the Sheriff of Cackleburg.


Mickey Mouse and Pluto are on their way to Cackleburg to pick up their friend, Goofy, who has been staying there to visit his cousin, Melissie. Almost immediately, they learn of a recent crime wave in the city as nearly all of the town's chickens, save Melissie's sick hen Flossie, have been stolen by Emil Eagle and two of his henchmen. After finding Emil's hideout, Mickey comes up with a plan to recover the chickens, a plan involving a certain whistle which only dogs can hear...


  • Cackleburg is, according to road signs, the "egg capital of the world" and is located in a rural, mountainous region.
  • Prior to Emil Eagle's grand chicken theft, Cackleburg had not had a crime wave for 99 years, at least according to the Sheriff of Cackleburg.
  • Goofy has a cousin named Melissie who lives in Cackleburg and owns several chickens including Flossie.

Behind the ScenesEdit

A Whistle in the Dark is a comic story and was originally published in August of 1974 in Mickey Mouse #150.[1] Coincidentally, Mickey Mouse #150 also included Goofy's Inheritance, a story that, like A Whistle in the Dark, introduced a new relative of Goofy's, with A Whistle in the Dark having been the debut of Cousin Melissie and Goofy's Inheritance having been the debut of Uncle Goofus. The pencils and ink for A Whistle in the Dark was completed by Paul Murry.[1]

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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