Abercrombie is or was a male non-anthropomorphic cat.


Abercrombie was the pet and sole companion of a treasure-hunter who came to Nothing Atoll at some point before Yellow Beak found the map to the pirate treasure buried there, and remained there, living as a Crusoe-esque castaway until he could find the treasure through sheer dumb luck. After coming to the Atoll as part of Yellow Beak's crew, Dopey found the treasure and traded Abercrombie for it with the treasure-hunter as part of a plan to rid the Dwarfs of Grimhilde once and for all, as she had followed them to the island in the guise of a rat. Indeed, after Dopey tricked the rat-witch into a burrow where the cat was waiting, Grimhilde appeared to be eaten, and thereby gotten rid of for good, by Abercrombie. However, she somehow later returned to once more trouble the Dwarfs (and others).

Behind the scenesEdit

Abercrombie appears in the 1949 story The Seven Dwarfs and the Pirate.

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