The Aberzombies are a group of cursed dognoses.


The Aberzombies are a large group of unfortunate people whom Dr Grut captured and used occult techniques on to remove any trace of independant will within them, turning them into docile slaves. It appears that the "aberzombification" had more than psychological consequences, as it also stopped the Aberzombies from aging, as demonstrated by the immensely old Thaddeus. Following Grut's arrest, the Aberzombies could not be brought back to normal, but they formed a choir and lived as happy a life as they could in their state.

Behind the scenes

The Aberzombies were only ever seen in the 1943-1944 comic strip serial The 'Lectro Box.

Despite Dr Grut's unwillingness to refer to the Aberzombies as proper "zombies" (because they were never dead), their state seems nearly identical to that of Bombie the Zombie, down to empty, pupil-less eyes.

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