Abis Mal is or was a human man.

Description Edit

Abis Mal was a thief living in the ancient city of Agrabah. Abis claimed to be a cunning swashbuckling bandit and master swordsman, but these were mostly narcissistic delusions; he was, at one point, the leader of a gang, but was brutally kicked out of it after Abis failed to protect their loot from local do-gooder Aladdin.

From then on, after a disastrous attempt to associate with evil genie Jafar, Abis stuck with the calm and collected Haroud, and, thanks to his advice, managed to repeatedly antagonize Aladdin (now his archenemy of a sort) in the following years.

It is unknown if Abis Mal and Haroud included in whatever weird phenomenon transplanted Agrabah from ancient to modern times later on.

Behind the scenesEdit

Abis Mal first appeared in 1994 in The Return of Jafar, and then served as the main recurring antagonist throughout Aladdin: The Series.

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