NonDisney Acquaintanceship-982 is a Clockwork Cherub.


A Mark 10 member of the Crew of the Copper-Colored Cupids, Acquaintanceship-982 is a member of the Blue Feather, the Cupids' lesser squadron of flying explorers and fighters (as opposed to the elite Scarlet Wings). Alongside the rest of the Feathers, he was tasked with investigating the Faction of the Fooling Fish during their first encounter with the Cupids in 2011; he was the first one to tell the Fish that from the Cupids' point of view, their "pranks" were not actually all that funny.

Behind the scenes Edit

Acquaintanceship-982 was introduced in the 2019 short story Cupid Fact File No. 444 — The Faction of the Fooling Fish.

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