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This page describes content which we cover on the Wiki as such, but do not consider canonical to any wider continuity. The Aflac Duck is a non-canonical character who appears to be a sentient, but non-anthropomorphic, and only somewhat talking, white-feathered duck.


The Aflac Duck, who repeats "Aflac" over and over instead of "quack" (seemingly in an attempt to convince people to become clients of the eponymous insurance company), lives in an apartment of his own, where he has been known to watch DuckTales 2017 and even fantasize about being a character in it.

Behind the scenes

The Aflac Duck, who has been the star of numerous Aflac ads since the beginning of 2000, appears in the crossover ad with DuckTales 2017, Life is Full Of Adventures With Aflac. The animated portions of the short are framed as a mere daydream of the Aflac Duck's after watching an episode of the series in real-life, which makes him non-canonical to any known Disney Duck continuity until further notice.

Voice Actors