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Air Feather Friends is a cartoon story, the first episode of Season 2 of the Aladdin TV series (and the first in production order). Written by Tad Stones and Brian Swenlin, it was directed by Toby Shelton and features Aladdin, the Genie, Iago, Razoul, the Magic Carpet, Abu, Abis Mal, Omar, Haroud Hazi Bin (in his intended debut, though the shuffled airing order compromised this), and, in their debut, the Rocs Mavis and her kid. The Wizard of Oz’s “Auntie Em” is referenced by the Genie.


“Wind demons” have been ransacking Agrabah and leaving, literally like the wind, with perfect impunity! Aladdin, so convinced that they're just thieves under a clever glamor that he has bet Abu on it, sets out to prove he's right and stop the villains, with the help of Genie, Carpet and a reluctant Iago


  • Baby Rocs' feathers can be magically used to control the winds, which the young birds use as emergency flight for as long as they need until they learn to fly for themselves.

Behind the scenes

Released in 1994, Air Feather Friends was (according to its production code) created as the first episode of the Aladdin TV series following The Return of Jafar, its direct-to-video, feature-length pilot. However, eight episodes were aired months ahead of the rest of the series, as a short-lived “Season 1”, making Air Feather Friends the first episode of Season 2 in the release order.

The short's title is a pun on the phrase Fair Weather Friends.