Akers McCovet is an anthropomorphic dog.


Akers McCovet is a slimy crook specializing in fraudulously getting his oily hands on real estate. When Scrooge McDuck, abusing a legal loophole, declared Killmotor Hill and his Money Bin an independant nation, McCovet realized that Scrooge's fortune was no longer protected by American laws, and the police wouldn't intervene; the very land he could seize from Scrooge, since the old duck hadn't even bothered to write laws of his own. Therefore, McCovet hired the Beagle Boys as a miniature army and took over McDuckland. However, the Beagle Boys were eventually defeated by Huey, Dewey and Louie; without his minions, Akers was defenseless, and after a quick swordfight with Scrooge, he was forced to give up the crown and thrown out of McDuckland.

Behind the scenesEdit

Akers McCovet first appeared in May of 1989 in His Majesty, McDuck. He was meant to appear in The Lost Charts of Columbus, but was cut from the story.

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