Al-Ghander was a male anthropomorphic gander.


Al-Ghander was a wealthy and largely decadent lord who lived across the sea in the days when the Caliphate was ruled by Sultan Scrooge Al-Duck. It was on her way to an arranged marriage with Al-Ghander that Scrooge Al-Duck's ward, Deysi, was kidnapped and held for ransom by the Bey A'Ghel Pirates — a ransom which Al-Ghander claimed was too high for even he to pay. Deysi was subsequently rescued by Sinbad Duck and fell in love with him; unlike Scrooge Al-Duck, Al-Ghander took the news quite well, even promising to send them a wedding gift, suggesting he'd never been too invested in the marriage either.

Behind the scenesEdit

Al-Ghander appears in the 1985 story The Adventures of Sinbad Duck. He is obviously a historical counterpart of Gladstone Gander, the story being a Great Parody; although he is not related to Donald or Scrooge's counterparts, he still serves the role of romantic foil to Donald/Sinbad in relation to Daisy/Deysi.

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