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Aladdin is a human man.


Born in the ancient city of Agrabah, Aladdin lost his mother at a young age and never knew his father until they finally met in adulthood. Aladdin was forced to etch a living as a lowly thief, but always kept a good heart through hardships — a quality which made him suited to fulfill the "Diamond in the Rough" prophecy of the Cave of Wonders and retrieve the Magic Lamp containing a powerful genie. The manipulations of the sorcerer and Grand Vizier Jafar accidentally led to Aladdin getting the Lamp and befriending the Genie within, eventually using his third and final wish to selflessly set the Genie free, after exposing Jafar for the traitor he was and defeating him.

Now engaged to the princess of Agrabah, Jasmine, Aladdin had many adventures around the world along with Jasmine, his pet monkey Abu, the grumpy parrot Iago, the Genie, and a sentient Magic Carpet. After reuniting with his father, Cassime, the "King of Thieves", Aladdin finally married Jasmine, though they had more adventures later on.

It appears that at some point after all these events (which happened in ancient times), the whole city of Agrabah was "temporally displaced" to the 21st century, presumably the doing of the Genie. In this period, Aladdin frequently attended the House of Mouse along with Jasmine and even a resurrected Jafar.

Behind the scenes

Though he had been mentioned several times previously (being a popular fairy tale figure), Aladdin first appeared as a character in the 1992 film Aladdin.

Voice Actors

  • Scott Weinger (classic voice actor since Aladdin)
  • Brad Kane (singing voice in Aladdin)
  • Rick Logan (Mickey's Magical Christmas)
  • Adam Jacobs (Aladdin: The Musical)

Notes and References

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