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Albemarle Mouse was a male anthropomorphic mouse.


A rustler in the Wild West era, Albemarle Mouse, son of notorious outlaw Tex Mouse, became a rustler (once having a duel with Billy the Kid himself) and had various Wild West adventures which he tends to exaggerate when recounting. Albemarle eventually married and had at least two children; the first, Maximilian, became the "black sheep" of the Mouse family by returning to Tex's bandit roots, while the other went straight and was Mickey Mouse's grandfather. At some point before 1945, Albemarle (who had been dirt-poor so far) found a gold mine and became a millionaire, which his great-grandson Mickey Mouse only found out later.

Behind the scenes

Albemarle was first featured in the 1946 story Mickey's Great-Grandfather. He reappeared in Valley of the Kachinas.