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Aletta was a female falcon who now lives on as a spirit.


The beloved pet of Society of Explorers and Adventurers member Camellia Falco, Aletta could often be found perched upon Falco's shoulder. Aletta accompanied Falco on most, if not all, of her adventures, and was thus included in almost every portrait of Falco.

Aletta seems to have had an unusually long lifespan for a falcon; while most live only about 15 years, Aletta seems to have lived for at least 50 years, judging by the dates of portraits of Camellia in which Aletta is included. She had seemingly been with Camellia since the aviator was only a baby, and remained her constant companion for the rest of her life.

It is unknown precisely when Aletta died, but by 1901 she had become a spirit, residing within the Museum of Fantastic Flight alongside the spirit of Camellia Falco.


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Behind the scenes

Aletta (or rather, her spirit) appears in the Tokyo DisneySea attraction Soaring: Fantastic Flight, which opened in July of 2019.