Alexander Graham Bell, nicknamed Alexander Goofy Bell was a male anthropomorphic dog.


Alexander “Goofy” Bell, a lookalike and quite possibly a distant relative of Goofy, was originally a produce merchant in Boston. In 1876, he attempted to create an automatic vegetable-canning machine to allow him to send fresh produce to his cousin. The prototype malfunctioned, and, stuck in the cogs of the humongous device, Bell managed to contact his associate Mr Watson (in the next room) to call for help by talking into one of the tin cans which had gotten jammed into the wires of the mechanism. This accident led to his invention of the telephone.

Behind the scenesEdit

Real Graham Bell

The historical Alexander Graham Bell.

Alexander Graham Bell was mentioned in the 1952 Carl Barks story Ray's A Riot, later appearing in the flesh, as a "historical Goofy counterpart" in The Story of Alexander Goofy Bell.
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