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Alice is a human girl.


Alice was a young girl in the 1920's. Recognizable by her daring and feisty disposition, light-brown hair and short skirts, the girl somehow became friends with the adventurous Julius the Cat and they went on various trips together, often crossing paths with brutish thug Peg-Leg Pete. What became of Alice after 1927 is unknown.

Behind the scenes

Alice was created in 1923 in the possibly-non-canonical Alice's Wonderland and went on to be the main character in the Alice Comedies series.


  • Virginia Davis (Original actress between 1923 and February 1925; archive footage of her also used in Alice in the Jungle)
  • Margie Gay (Second actress between February 1925 and April 1927)
  • Dawn O'Day (Temporary actress for Alice's Egg Plant only)
  • Lois Hardwick (From April 1927 to the end of the series)