Alice's Wild West Show is a theatrical cartoon short directed by Walt Disney. It features Alice, Tubby O'Brien and Wild Bill Hiccup.


Alice and several kid friends of hers have mounted an amateur "wild west show", attended by other children. Things are off to a good start, but bully Tubby O'Brien and his gang show up, and Alice's acting troupe, terrified, runs away. Alice is forced to resort to simply standing on stage and telling a tall tale of her adventures in the wild west, from being chased in a stage-coach by natives on the warpath to single-handedly arresting bandit Wild Bill Hiccup.

Behind the scenesEdit

This cartoon short was released as a silent in 1924 (it would be given its score in 1999). It is the third short in the Alice Comedies series (fourth if one chooses to count Alice's Wonderland).

In interviews, Virginia Davis identified Alice's Wild West Show as one of the episodes that stand out most in her memory of filming the Alice Comedies; she remembers being very happy to be allowed to act "tomboyish" as was her true inclination.

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