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The Alice Comedies series was a now-terminated silent theatrical cartoon series created by Walt Disney between 1923 and 1927.


The series (done in a then very novel mixture of hand-drawn animation and live-action footage) focuses on the various adventures a teenage girl called Alice goes on, accompanied by her mischievous and protective cat friend Julius. Alice and Julius would frequently cross paths with such enemies as brutish thug Peg-Leg Pete and a gang of talking mice. Early episodes tended to show Alice having mundane misadventures in the real world and then beginning to dream of more satisfying errands, but from episode 8 onwards this narrative device was dropped and the adventures depicted from then on were never hinted to be anything but real, despite how over-the-top they are.

List of episodesEdit

Cartoons marked * are believed lost as of 2017

0. Alice's Wonderland (pilot, not officially part of the series)
1. Alice's Day at Sea
2. Alice's Spooky Adventure
3. Alice's Wild West Show
4. Alice's Fishy Story
5. Alice and the Dog Catcher
6. Alice the Peacemaker
7. Alice Gets in Dutch
8. Alice Hunting in Africa
9. Alice and the Three Bears
10. Alice the Piper
11. Alice Cans the Cannibals
12. Alice the Toreador
13. Alice Gets Stung
14. Alice Solves the Puzzle
15. Alice's Egg Plant
16. Alice Loses Out
17. Alice Gets Stage-Struck
18. Alice Wins the Derby
19. Alice Picks the Champ
20. Alice's Tin Pony
21. Alice Chops the Suey
22. Alice the Jail Bird
23. Alice Plays Cupid
24. Alice Rattled by Rats
25. Alice in the Jungle
26. Alice on the Farm
27. Alice's Balloon Race
28. Alice's Orphan
29. Alice's Little Parade
30. Alice's Mysterious Mystery
31. Alice Charms the Fish *
32. Alice's Monkey Business *
33. Alice in the Wooly West
34. Alice the Fire Fighter
35. Alice Cuts the Ice *
36. Alice Helps the Romance
37. Alice's Spanish Guitar
38. Alice's Brown Derby
39. Alice the Lumberjack *
40. Alice the Golf Bug *
41. Alice Foils the Pirates *
42. Alice at the Carnival *
43. Alice at the Rodeo
44. Alice the Collegiate *
45. Alice in the Alps *
46. Alice's Auto Race *
47. Alice's Circus Daze
48. Alice's Knaughty Knight *
49. Alice's Three Bad Eggs *
50. Alice's Picnic
51. Alice's Channel Swim *
52. Alice in the Klondike *
53. Alice's Medicine Show *
54. Alice the Whaler
55. Alice the Beach Nut *
56. Alice in the Big League *
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