Alice the Whaler is a theatrical cartoon short directed by Walt Disney. It features Alice and Julius the Cat, as well as what may or may not be Pete.


Alice, Julius and a wacky zoo of a crew sail a particularly stormy sea on a whaling trip! While Julius keeps watch for the whales, the crew goofs off and Alice tries her hand at sailor-type dancing…

Behind the scenesEdit

This cartoon short was released in 1927 as a silent film and later rereleased with sound by Raytone Pictures. An alternative score was composed by Alexander Rannie in 1998 and is the more easily accessed version of the film today.

Alice the Whaler is notable for being the last available episode of the Alice Comedies series (of the two which follow it, one is believed lost and the next exists only in private collections). It also introduces a heavyset bully of a cat, serving as the ship's cook, who is not without similarities to the redesign of Peg-Leg Pete that would later be introduced in Steamboat Willie to square off against Mickey Mouse.

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