The All-Star Continuum is an alternate universe.

Description Edit

The All-Star Continuum is a very strange universe in which inanimate objects in the form of living things can come to life randomly. This is not limited to just physical objects, but also living things in comic books or records. Among these objects, counterparts of Huey, Dewey, and Louie can be seen, although it is not shown what objects they formed from.

Behind the scenes Edit

The All-Star Continuum made it's only appearance in the Anti-Drug Television Special Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue in 1990. Although characters from other franchises appear, their universes cannot be said to exist in the "Duck/Mouse Multiverse" (other than that of the Muppets, who have appeared in other media featuring Mickey and Friends) because they are all formed from merchandise from their respective franchises, and so only exist as fictional characters in this universe.

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