Altar to Riches is a comic strip written by Bob Karp, penciled by Al Taliaferro and inked by Frank Grundeen. It features Scrooge McDuck and Huey Duck, also mentioning (without explicit names) Titus McDuck, Fergus McDuck and Downy O'Drake.


Scrooge McDuck's grandnephew asks him why his grandfather had ended up so poor even though the McDuck family had, up till then, been moderately wealthy — which Scrooge attributes to his having been a "lazy spendthrift" in his youth. Huey asks, then, how it came that Scrooge's father was not a beggar — to which Scrooge jokingly answers that this is because he married a "wealthy widow". Finally the boy asks Scrooge what he would do if he became poor; Scrooge cannily answers that he would marry a wealthy widow.

Behind the scenes

This story was only ever printed in English in October of 1968 in miscellaneous American newspapers. It is most noteworthy for featuring the oldest-known reference to Scrooge's father and mother, save for Scotty McDuck's controversial appearance in Carl Barks's first Duck Family Tree.

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