The Alternate Life Machine was a dimensional travel device invented by Gyro Gearloose.


The bulky Alternate Life Machine was created in 2003 by Gyro Gearloose. It was powered by a set of exotic Time Particles that Gearloose had somehow “captured”. If pointed at an individual, the machine would open gateways to a randomized set of Parallel Universes where certain elements of that person's life had gone differently, leading to a vastly different present.

The travel seemed to only be a mental one, with the user ending up inside the body of their counterpart, complete with all the counterpart's muscle-memory. The A.L.M. came with a remote control, on which pressing a button allowed the dimension-hopper to return to their home world.

As the Time Particles were extremely volatile and wore out after a single use, the A.L.M. was only ever used once, in 2003, by Donald Duck (who travelled to Sir Donald's World and Soccer Donald's World, two parallel timelines where he was a rich nobleman and a star soccer-player, respectively). It is unknown if Gearloose later dismantled the now-useless machine, or if he kept it around in the hope to use it again if he stumbled upon some more Time Particles.

Behind the scenesEdit

The A.L.M. was only ever seen in the 2003 story Donald Duck and the Alternate Lives.

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