Amelia "Amely" Mouse-Fieldmouse, née Amelia Mouse and also known as Amelia FieldmouseAmalia Fieldmouse or Felicity Fieldmouse, is a female anthropomorphic mouse.


Amely is Mickey Mouse's older sister and the wife of Frank Fieldmouse. She is the mother of Morty and Ferdie, two adorable but somewhat turbulent twins. Although she loves them dearly, she is quite relieved when she has the chance drop them at their adventurous Unca Mickey's house for a few days. For the same purpose of giving them an outlet for their overflowing energy, Amelia also registered them to the Riverside Rovers soccer club and quickly became very involved with the team. She reportedly works as a journalist.

Behind the scenesEdit

Amely Fieldmouse first appeared in 1932 in Mickey's Nephews. Interestingly, in this early appearance, she wore glasses, which were scrapped in her subsequent appearances.

The name "Amelia" originates in the Dutch translations of Mickey's Nephews (as "Amalia"). For years, this was the only known first name for "Mrs Fieldmouse", and thus it became accepted by worldwide Disney comics fans as her English name too. In the 1990's, Egmont Publishing tried to establish her first name as "Felicity", providing an alliteration with her last name "Fieldmouse". However, this name never really caught on. By the 2010's, Disney worldwide began using the name "Amely Mouse-Fieldmouse".

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