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Angus MacDucoll (Angus Mac Paperol in the original Italian) was an anthropomorphic duck.


Angus MacDucoll was one the most prestigious writers who ever lived in Duckburg. In 1992, Scrooge McDuck had planned to put a statue of himself in the Duckburg Park. However, the people of Duckburg saw it as a horrendeous display of egomania. Scrooge could no longer put up his statue; but he didn't want the money he'd put in it to be lost. Exploiting the great resemblance between himself and MacDucoll, he had the statue tweaked to become a staute of the writer, whose unveiling was a smashing success.

Behind the scenes

Angus MacDucoll was seen in the 1992 story Scrooge's Central Park Statue, which hasn't to date been printed in English.