Angus Whiskerville, better known as Angus McWhisker, is an anthropomorphic dog.


Angus Whiskerville is one of the last remaining Whiskervilles in Scotland. Unlike his ancestors, who have, in his own words, « always been poachers and sheep thieves », Angus is a peaceful and successful abstract painter. For that reason, he set himself appart by changing his name to "McWhisker". However, he hides a secret: his designs are not original at all, but copied from a piece of McDuck Tartan, which he found in the ruins of Castle McDuck. To stop people from finding out his secret, Angus retrieved his ancestors' monster hound costume to try to scare any remaining McDucks away from the castle. Scrooge McDuck and his nephews eventually discovered the secret in 1960.

Behind the scenesEdit

Angus McWhisker is featured in the 1960 Carl Barks story Hound of the Whiskervilles.

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