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Animatronics are a type of sentient robots.


Regular animatronics are robots focusing more on mimicking life than on actual efficiency, used in theme parks such as Disneyland. Combining their technology with artificial intelligence allows geniuses such as the Mad Doctor to create entire artificial people as animatronics, whether independent beings or copies of existing flesh-and-blood people. The Doctor and his apprentice Gremlin Prescott created many Animatronics to populate Wasteland, including copies of Mickey Mouse's friends and family (at the request of Oswald Rabbit, who wished to have everything that "the mouse" had).

At some point before 2010, the Mad Doc also whipped up a way to turn human beings into animatronics, either completely or partially, using a bulky electronic device. He used it to turn a number of Tortooga pirates into robotic minions, rewiring their minds as he had their bodies, and later partially turned himself into an animatronic in an attempt to make himself immune to the Shadow Blot's attacks. It is also possible to turn different types of robots into Animatronics, as demonstrated with Tik-Tok, whom the Mad Doctor once repaired with Animatronic tech and reprogrammed into a loyal henchman for him and Prescott.

List of known Animatronics

Regular Animatronics

  • The Mickey Mouse Revue Cast[1]

Sentient Animatronics

List of beings converted into Animatronics

  • Miscellaneous Pirates of Tortooga (converted into Bashers) (converted by the Mad Doctor with the Pirate Conversion Machine) (undone by the Pirate Conversion Machine for most of the pirates)
  • The Mad Doctor (converted by himself with the Pirate Conversion Machine) (undone by the Guardians)
  • Elliott the Dragon (converted into a Blotworx vessel by the Mad Doctor) (later regained its free will, though stayed robotic)
  • Petetronic (partially animatronic, making him more of a cyborg)

Behind the scenes

Living Animatronics are seen throughout the Epic Mickey series. They are, of course, named after (and loosely based on) real-life animatronics, famously used by the Walt Disney Company in their theme parks, a fact referenced by a few earlier in-universe works such as A Fun-Filled Visit to Walt Disney World with Mickey Mouse (1972).