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Animatronic Daisy Duck is a female animatronic and a replica of Daisy Duck.


Along with a number of other similar animatronics, Animatronic Daisy was built by Oswald Rabbit, with the help of the Mad Doctor, in the early days of Wasteland, as Oswald sought to have everything that Mickey Mouse had — down to his friends. Though she has no delusions of being the real Daisy (which would be pretty hard, anyway, considering the many robotic parts of her that still show), Animatronic-Daisy is a very thorough copy of the real Daisy, sharing most of her core personality, and even her chosen profession of a journalist and TV reporter.

During the Blot Wars, Daisy was, like her boyfriend Donald, broken down in several parts, though her head never stopped thinking (and complaining). Mischievous Spatters then made a point of hiding the parts all over Wasteland in an attempt to prevent Oswald or one of his allies from rebuilding her. During his adventures in Wasteland in 2010, Mickey Mouse came across Daisy's head in the Library of Bog Easy and was tasked with gathering her parts for her and rebuilding her.

In the last day of the Shadow Blot's life, when he was released from the Jug and attempted to suck out all life from Wasteland, Daisy was temporarily absorbed by him and turned into a Lost Character, but she was returned to her true self soon enough after the Blot was destroyed. Animatronic Daisy then returned to her job as a journalist for the "Duck News Network", Wasteland's sole news channel. In 2012, she reported the arrest of Gremlin Prescott (unwittingly playing into the hands of the Mad Doctor) with the help of a cameraman Spatter whom she had tamed and befriended.

Behind the scenes

Animatronic Daisy first appeared in Epic Mickey. She then appeared in various Epic Mickey-related media.

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