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This page describes content which was not licensed by all relevant copyright-holders, nor created by an established official creator. Animatronic Gladstone Gander is a male animatronic and a replica of Gladstone Gander.


Along with a number of other similar animatronics, Animatronic Gladstone was created by the Mad Doctor in the early days of Wasteland at the request of Oswald Rabbit, as Oswald sought to have everything that Mickey Mouse had — down to his friends. Though he has no delusions of being the real Gladstone, Animatronic Gladstone is, like the Doctor's other creations, a very thorough copy of the real thing, sharing most of his core personality.

Animatronic Gladstone was dealt heavy damage during the Blot Wars, and ended up missing his lower jaw, though the speaker that actually produces his voice is still operational. In a dim reflection of the real Gladstone's luck, the static of said speaker increases when danger approaches, allowing Gladstone to know when to get out of the way. Though not what one would call a coward, Animatronic Gladstone makes it a point to not be too reckless when dealing with enemies, in an effort to avoid the fate suffered by his “cousin” Animatronic Donald at the hands of a horde of Blotlings.

Behind the scenes

Animatronic Gladstone appeared in the unofficial illustration Magicstone Animatronics.