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Animatronic Goofy is a male animatronic and a replica of Goofy.


Along with a number of other similar animatronics, Animatronic Goofy was built by Oswald Rabbit, with the help of the Mad Doctor, in the early days of Wasteland, as Oswald sought to have everything that Mickey Mouse had — down to his friends. Though he has no delusions of being the real Goofy, Animatronic Goofy is a very thorough copy of the real Goofy, sharing most of his core personality, including the kind heart and ditzy clumsiness.

Out of the Doctor's Animatronic doppelgängers, Animatronic Goofy is obviously the least well-polished; his mechanical heart is apparently placed where his kidney should be, his C.P.U. is also out of place, and on top of patches of uncovered electronics such as his eyes, he is missing his entire right arm. In trade-off, Goofy has a few gizmos up his nonexistent sleeves, such as his right foot which can act (for some reason) as a powerful vacuum cleaner. For that last reason, in the days before the Thinner Disaster, Animatronic Goofy acted as Wasteland's sole cleaner, and did his work dutifully.

During the Blot Wars, Goofy was broken down in several parts, though his head never stopped thinking (and talking). Mischievous Spatters then made a point of hiding his parts all over Wasteland in an attempt to prevent Oswald or one of his allies from rebuilding him. During his adventures in Wasteland in 2010, Mickey Mouse came across Goofy's head in a machine in Ostown, and was tasked with tracking down all his parts and putting him back together, which he managed to do. Cheerful as ever, Goofy then returned to his duties, though not without telling Mickey about Ortensia and her tragic fate.

In 2012, when Mickey Mouse (on his second travel to Wasteland) once again encountered Animatronic Goofy, he was working with Gremlin Prescott and Gremlin Jamface on fixing some broken-down Thinner Pumps. After his lack of technological know-how (and Prescott's short temper) prevented him from completing this mission, he asked Mickey, Oswald and Gus to do it for him, and, in thanks, gave the trio a Fairy Sketch.

Behind the scenes

Animatronic Goofy first appeared in Epic Mickey. He then appeared in various Epic Mickey-related media.

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