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Animatronic Hook is a male animatronic and a replica of Captain James Hook.


An animatronic version of Captain Hook perpetually embedded in his replica of the Jolly Roger, Animatronic Hook was created by the Mad Doctor as a leader for a Wasteland-dwelling version of Mr Smee and the other Pirates of Tortooga, as well as an archenemy to satisfy's Pete Pan's delusions of being Peter Pan), in the days before the Thinner Disaster.

In 2010, the Mad Doctor had the Sprite captured, robbing Pete Pan of his ability to fly, and, thus, preventing him from foiling Hook. Since he was built as someone for Pete Pan to spar with, Hook went berserk from "withdrawal" of his daily fights with Pete Pan. The Doctor manipulated these feelings of rage to make the Captain use the Pirate Conversion Machine on his own crew, making them into mechanical minions for the Doctor, presumably by promising he would return Pete Pan's ability to fly if he did so. Ironically, the Doctor also entrusted the guard of the Sprite to Hook, who was apparently unaware of the creature's relationship with Pete's lost flight.

A short while after, during Mickey Mouse's first travel to Wasteland, he and Gremlin Gus encountered several pirates in Ventureland, where they had fled Animatronic Hook and their mechanized comrades. Mickey was later convinced to head to the Jolly Roger, where he battled Hook for a while, then freed the Sprite, who called Pete Pan for help. Hook and Pan returned to their friendly fights and order was restored.

At some point between 2010 and 2012 (date of Mickey's second trip to Wasteland), Animatronic Hook's pirates, along with Hook himself, were driven from Tortooga by Captain Blackbeard. In the process, Smee was separated from Animatronic Hook, and headed, disheartened, to Ventureland. Some time later however, Mickey Mouse stumbled upon an old costume of Hook's, which inspired Smee to shake off his depressed apathy and head off in search of his beloved boss.

Behind the scenes

Animatronic Hook first appeared in Epic Mickey. He then appeared in various Epic Mickey-related media.

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