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Fanwork Animatronic Magica De Spell is a female animatronic and a replica of Magica De Spell.


Along with a number of other similar animatronics, Animatronic Magica was created by the Mad Doctor in the early days of Wasteland at the request of Oswald Rabbit, as Oswald sought to have everything that Mickey Mouse had — down to his many friends and acquaintances. Though she has no delusions of being the real Magica, Animatronic Magica is, like the Doctor's other creations, a very thorough copy of the real thing, sharing most of her core personality. Animatronic Magica was designed with the ability to breathe fire (much like the Disneyland animatronic representing Maleficent's dragon form), but, much like the others of the Doctor's Animatronics, quickly became very run-down as a consequence of the Doctor's betraying Oswald. As a result, on top of a lot of her paint having peeled off to reveal the metal beneath, this fire-breathing ability is usually reduced to just smoke and some sparks.

Behind the scenes Edit

Animatronic Magica appeared in the unofficial illustration Magicstone Animatronics.

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