Anna Poszepczyńska is a Polish non-Disney comic artist who twice created unofficial tributes to the Disney comics universe.

Career[edit | edit source]

Having studied Computer Graphics at the New Media Arts Faculty, Anna Poszepczyńska launched her first major comic project in 2017, a multimedia puzzle-solving story (intended for an audience of 12 and older) designed to be read on mobile devices, but still, fundamentally, a hand-drawn comic adventure. She described manga and Disney Comics as her main two sources of inspiration.

In 2019, Anna Poszepczyńska added a first Disney comic tribute to her ArtStation portfolio, the one-pager Valuable Lesson, starring Scrooge McDuck. In 2020, more noteworthily, she contributed a several-pages-long Duck Avenger comic story to the Polish Disney comics news website Kakza Agencja Informacyjna, entitled Super-Unca!.

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