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The Anthropomorphic Bear is a Sapient Species to which Al Aggrand and Captain Baloo belong.


Anthropomorphic Bears are Dog height or taller as adults, with males tending to be broader and heavier than females. Many males resemble their nonanthropomorphic counterparts walking erect, whereas females are typically closer in shape to female humans. As is the case with Ducks, male Bears may at times go without lower body clothing. Members of both sexes often go without footwear. At least one male Bear, Mr Patent, appears to be a sort of “Bearnose” as he appears almost entirely Human except for his ears and nose.

Female Bears may also have hair on their heads, while some males are shown to have facial hair. All Bears have snouts and rounded ears, though both are of varying size between individuals. A notable hybrid specimen, Peg-Leg Pete, has pointed ears rather than round ones, presumably due to being part Anthropomorphic Cat.