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The Anti-Magic Magnification Ray was a machine built by Gyro Gearloose for Scrooge McDuck.


The Anti-Magic Magnification Ray was intended to be used on the Number One Dime, making it impossible for Magica De Spell to steal it; first by enlarging the Dime, so that it would be too heavy for a single woman to carry; then by making it magic-resistant, reflecting any curses cast on it back at their caster. However, due to the Hyper-Molecular Resonators not binding properly to the Subliminal Ohmstat Doodlesocks, the machine was unstable; while the magic-repelling properties remained consistent, the Dime's size constantly shifted for some time after it was zapped, constantly reverting between its regular size and increasingly humongous enlargements. It eventually stabilized after three last increases in width which ended with it blowing up the Money Bin from the inside.

Behind the scenes

The Anti-Magic Magnification Ray appears in the 1989 story The Bedeviled Dime.