Antzilla is a male anteater-like monster.

Description Edit

Antzilla is a green humanoid anteater who shares the real creature's fondness for eating termites (whom he loves for being “juicy, yet crunchy”). Aside from his anteater features and strange coloration, Antzilla gives the impression of a scrawny, middle-aged, somewhat neurotic little man; yet despite not being particularly threatening, Antzilla is recognized as one of the worldwide self-declared monsters who stay in such haunts as Halloween Town and the Hotel Transylvania. In 2004, during his stay at the latter, he was mistakenly served a human-like menu, an error only corrected by resourceful concierge Donald Duck. As a result of his gratitude, he was among the monsters who stood up for Donald when the manager threatened to fire him.

Behind the scenes Edit

Antzilla first appeared in 2004 in Hotel Transylvania.

His name is transparently based on notorious movie monster Godzilla, though he has no further similarities to Godzilla (beyond, arguably, his green color).

Like many monsters who stayed at (or worked for) the Hotel Transylvania, it is possible that Antzilla originally came from the X-Dimension, rather than being native to Earth.

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