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Professor Archimedes A. Archivist is a male anthropomorphic cockatoo.

Description Edit

Tall and bony, but always elegant and all smiles, Professor Archimedes A. Archivist was the United States of America's National Secretary of Cultural Affairs in 2001. Learning about Ludwig von Drake and Huey, Dewey and Louie Duck's idea of an interactive exhibit, as put in motion in the Duckburg Museum that year, he organized a plan to export this idea all over the world, much to Ludwig's pride.

Behind the scenesEdit

Professor Archivist only ever appeared in the 2001 comic story The Beagle Boys and the Interactive Initiative.

His English name (chosen by Joe Torcivia) is a nod to Torcivia's friend and colleague David Gerstein, who is fond of introducing himself as a "comics archivist".

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