The Area 52 Daleks are two Daleks who temporarily visited the Prime Universe.


These two Daleks (one greenish with black bumps and the other silver-colored with blue bumps) appear to have left their home dimension in an attempt to subjugate the Prime Universe's Earth. They were caught by the Tamers of Nonhuman Threats were confined to Area 52 by 2003, when they were freed alongside all the other alien inmates by a Toon (Marvin the Martian) who, due to resembling an alien, had mistakenly been locked up there. Soon up to their old tricks again, the two Dalek scouts tried to “EXTERMINATE” everyone around them, only two of the fearsome monsters in the chaos that ensued. It is unknown what occurred to them (or, indeed, to any of the aliens) after the Toons' departure.

Behind the scenesEdit

These two Daleks appeared in the 2003 film Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Interestingly, they were at the center of a notorious copyright dispute, as Warner Bros., in the making of the film, had asked for the BBC's permission only, but not that of the Daleks' original creator (Terry Nation)'s estate, which still holds the rights to the Daleks' design.

The 2006 episode of Doctor Who, Doomsday saw millions of Daleks sucked into the Void Between Worlds as part of its conclusion; while unconfirmed, and likely unintended on the part of the Doomsday writers, it is imaginable that it is following this incident that these two Daleks became stranded in the Prime Universe.

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