Argus Gimleteye is a male dognose.


Argus Gimleteye is a talented hypnotist. In 1947, as part of a publicity stunt, Gimleteye was hired by the radio station DDT Broadcasting to hypnotize a volunteer in the street. This volunteer happened to be Donald Duck, whom Gimleteye convinced he was actually a kangaroo. Unfortunately, Donald was more receptive to the treatment than even Gimleteye had foreseen, and began hopping away so fast that the radio people were unable to catch up with him and snap him out of it. By the time Donald got back to his sense on his own, he'd stowed away on a boat to Australia, desperate to come back to his "homeland".

Behind the scenesEdit

Argus Gimleteye was only ever seen in the 1947 story Adventure Down Under.

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